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PA Bucks County Area Planting Suggestions

By: McArdle’s Holiday Farm
  • Trees do best if not in the house longer than about 2 weeks.
  • Trees don’t like to sit in water - roots sitting in water rot. If tree gets dry spray the burlap down or let the root ball soak up some water.
  • Try to keep the room temperature down for the little time the tree is in your house - Keep away from woodstoves or gas heaters.
  • Plant your tree as soon as you can after the holidays - if the ground is too frozen to plant (extremely rare in this area) - place the tree outside in a protected spot and put leaves or mulch around it. Let nature water it during the winter.
  • Plant the tree in burlap and string (ours is untreated and will rot within 3 months)
  • Plant the tree 2 - 4” out of the ground. Planting a tree too deep is a death sentence.
  • Mulch the tree in the spring, if not sooner and be sure to soak it once a month in June, July, August and September. Soak = hose on trickle for 6-8 hours.