Our Family

Ed McArdle the one who got us into loving growing Christmas Trees

In the early 1960’s, Ed and Jane McArdle bought a farm in Bucks County. Their new farm was already planted with 1000 evergreen trees - few were of saleable Christmas Tree size. Without any advertisement in those early years, families showed up to buy a Christmas Tree. More people came as more trees reached saleable size and so their Christmas Tree farm and business grew. From 1997 - 2014 two of Ed and Jane’s children, Michael & Erin, operated the Christmas Tree business. Today, the farm is owned & operated by Mike & Karen McArdle and their four children.  The farm is also diversified  - raising beef cattle, sheep and pigs.  For more information about ordering farm raised beef, lamb and pork please contact Karen McArdle at kmcardle4316@gmail.com.     






3rd generation learning the ropes





Owner's Children love to work and play at the farm. The kids help mostly in the spring, at planting time, and during Christmas Tree sales time in December.





Owner, Michael McArdle in Concolor Fir Trees



Michael McArdle planting the new seedling (transplants) Christmas Trees in early spring. Trees take fertilization, pest management, weed control and trimming at different times of the year to make a successful Christmas Tree for someone's home.


A 1974 Intelligencer article about our farm. A 7 year old Michael is front right. 


Holiday Helpers






Of course our farm would not be nearly as successful without our trusty helpers that come back year after year to help us sell trees.